A Real Friend

Friends are together

Friends,I think in this world all people get a best person in their life and that best person is a friend.
Now, Let’s know who is this friend

A friend who knows us to more than ourselves.
A friend who takes care of us in every moment like our family.
A friend who is not a part of our family even then he/She becomes a part of our family.
A friend who teases us when we get punishment in our school/College..
A friend who loves us more than ourselves.
A friend with whom we share everything,
A friend from whom we always expect a party on good events.Really,

We are so Grateful for that person who comes into our life and in no time becomes our favorite and unforgettable.Really,He/She is so Great..

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Ek Dost who always cares of our future more than his/herself future..
A friend when comes into our life,we feel so happy and when he/she goes away,we feel so bad..
A friend who is a Gift from God..
A friend who always teaches us good lessons…
A friend who always seems close to us even then he/she is so far from us..

I wish All of you people get this kind of friend…

Ek dost who leaves his/her memories on our heart….

This is the Definition of friend which i think it is still incomplete because we cannot describe this word into this blog.

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