Hey! It’s My Pearl Precious Life.

Tough life that I took for granted.

Be it a student life or the work one, story goes the same.

It wasn’t a working day but we were never granted holidays either. Those were the days we cursed at our most and later realized were the most fruitful ones.
The mundane routine which we follow today (get up in the morning, pack bags for school, college or work, back to pavilion in the evening or at night and to the same follow up next day ) it was in no sight back then. Each day was a challenge, hard to make us cry and we were not enlightened enough back then, to understand the quality of those beautiful challenging days.

Hard work of those days nurtured us Into what we are today. We acted like being caged for years, when we were served at our best.
Days of knowledge,days of learning, days of sleepless nights, days of pain.
A little failure and there you could see our dead faces. Later, we were transformed into never dying energies that radiates our lives even today. I can stand and communicate with hundreds of thousands if asked just because of the time I  put into myself in those days. That is the very same thing you people must do so as to get at a far better place than where I am.
Well! Where am i?
I am at PEACE . I don’t have a recognizable identity in the greater outer world but i have recognized my potentials for no one else i am expecting to come up and achieve my  goals for me.
Are you facing the same tough life?
Better enjoy it. Seek what good you can. Cry if needed but soon realize the value of those pearls just fell down.
Yes! Hard-work alone won’t help you win. One must use the other energies too. It is absolutely right to think of natural ability others are born with, that makes you think you are not privileged enough but ain’t you challenging much to make yourself equally capable?

World is in need of people like you. Start it all again. You have all set eyes to read and good mind to judge. Accordingly, you are already gifted enough in many ways.
You might be nowhere now but  here on, it’s YOU who is going to write and narrate for your own story. Your future may not be in your hands but it sure is in your head.
Let you come up with the best of plans.
Let you make this mundane routine adventurous.
Let you be the author of :
Hey! It’s My Pearl precious life.


Nancy Bansal 

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