Our world is a sanctuary and our Life is a Joy

I want to tell you one thing which I hope you will like it. Whatsoever comes into our life and whatever happens with us, It all has a purpose behind it. Without Purpose,Nothing can change place. If we are here on this earth. it necessarily means we are here for some purpose and after completing that purpose, we will see off everyone.

So,we have to find that purpose for which we have come here. so, I think one who has known its purpose has won the half of the world. so,chase that purpose until it is completed..

And you know guys. Someone  said : “whatever happens to us, that happens for Good”.

Yeah, It is true, but at that moment when it happens to you,you would feel bad But later on, you would feel that it happened for Good and you would feel so happy,,
and  getting that happiness you would have to believe yourself , believe on god that’s all.
Believe is the word which has an important role in our life. if we have a believe on something, this means, our life runs on our own terms. but there are two aspects of belief: Positive and Negative.
Our elders and teachers says that Always be with Positive belief and the game will be yours.
if you belief on yourself  and say that you can do it, then I will surely say that Yes,you can do it and you will do it.

      Now I want to tell you that whoever comes into your life as friend,teacher,love,parents,elders make all bind them into your life, Never let them go away from your life otherwise you will feel grief. This is the fact that you should always Respect all those people who is in your life at present..

As I said earlier that whatever happens to you, it happens for a reason. now i tell you why it happens to you because you could learn from that event and you could promise yourself never repeating those mistakes which you have already committed. There are no mistakes in our life only lessons.

So friends,,From Now, Face each and every Problem, Never be afraid. Always be courageous and Always think in your mind that whatever happens, it only happens for Good.

Thank you so Much for  reading this.


Rohit Singh Rajawat