There is Magic in your Smile!


“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of someone else’s joy.” – Nancy Bansal


I believe that smile is the ultimate antidepressant.
It has immense power to heal the wounds
you never know what magic your smile would do
I see people with puzzled faces,frustrated, tiresome
With tickling tears in their eye!
Still, when they notice someone approaching them …they smile
May be to hide their problems and to not let anyone know about , for how long they have been in the blues! or may be, they understand, that we are all in need of each other.
When I leave my house in early morning for jogging, I encounter many people.
I give a huge smile to guard bhaiya.
I pass the very same smile to sweepers,
 to Poha wale uncle, to juice wale bhaiya and trust me most of them are unknown to me. This smile giving ceremony goes on until the night comes.
Now some of u might think how idiotic she sounds!
How can someone smile all the time?
Is she stupid?
 So, my answer, to these dim-witted questions is here-
Dear human,
This world is full of pain and poverty.
It’s been years they are all crying from.
They look for those who would someday value them, prioritise them, would not ignore them as if they are dirty filth!
When they see us smiling at them, 
Proud overflows! for yes they feel humanity has not died yet!
I totally understand!
We are all busy people!
We work hard unlike them,they just pick the rag all day! (The rag we felicitate them with)
They don’t have to hit the books!
It’s we the civilised people who are bound to progress and make good out of ourselves.
These uncivilised are going to stay where they are!
Civilised animals come back to your senses.
They are not asking for your bank account no.
They are JUST waiting for one of your smiles
Give a stranger one of your smiles, it might be the only sunshine they see in whole day!
From now if you see any devastated soul,
Go to him and say –
Hey ! Yes you!
You haven’t lost your smile at all,
It’s right under your nose
You just forgot it was there!
Keep smiling!
                                   Nancy Bansal😊

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Thank You


Nancy Bansal 

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  1. Apoorav Singh Bhadoriya says:

    You r really awesome this is your hidden talent …but literally Nancy true said give your smile to someone ….this is the best thing we can do ….

    Liked by 1 person

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