To the Man I owe : From Bullied Dropout to Hip Hop Knockout

Sing For The Moment

“Or for anyone who’s ever been through shit in their lives
‘Til they sit and they cry at night wishin’ they’d die
‘Til they throw on a rap record and they sit, and they vibe

We’re nothin’ to you but we’re the fuckin’ shit in they eyes”

These are amongst the most iconic lines of rap/hip-hop. Every rap fan cried to these lines. So did he. (In case you haven’t heard the song, I recommend you to immediately google the title of this article)

We all have moments in life when we feel that a song was tailor-made for us at that moment. This story is about a person whose life mirrored that of an artist itself.

He was a teenager in his high school when his father passed away. Burdened by expectations of his family and a younger brother, he really couldn’t do well in any aspect of his life in senior secondary school. An awkward shy kid, usually bullied by the taller ones, he kept to himself and a small friend circle, which was relatively new to him.

This was the time when he got introduced to the songs by the artist. And he was instantly hooked to it. It felt like every song the artist had made was just referring to him. He lip-synced every word in front of the mirror. It was probably the only good thing he had in his life during that moment. If it was not for those songs, the depression might have taken its another victim, just that nobody would have known for he wasn’t a celebrity.

The music mirrored his life, or rather his life mirrored the music of the artist. The artist too had been bullied and beaten up, but the artist did not give up. He swung back and swung back hard, so much so that in the future, he would be termed as amongst the greatest ever in the genre.


The artist had internalized all the hate he had faced and channelized that into his music. The boy too internalized all the ridicule he faced and channelized those in his efforts. He achieved things that nobody would have thought he could. He was inspired by the artist to write himself. The boy wrote two books, out of which one was published. The other one, being very personal to him, he kept it to himself. (Talk about writing a 60K words book and not giving it out for reading).

It was only upward for him from now on, same as the artist, who had got really big after he broke into the scene. Or so it appeared.

Years passed by, the boy tuned into other artists, pretty much living a comfortable life. The artist, on the other hand, was super rich but turning irrelevant for the current music scenario. The boy too was lacking the spark in his life. He had a lot of books to write, a lot of ideas to pen down, a lot to achieve professionally. But he was already comfortable with what he had already achieved. All he did was drink gallons of beer and smash the PlayStation controllers in whatever time he had in his hand. While his peers moved forward at great speed, he was falling behind on the hedonic treadmill.

It was during this time around when the artist had dropped another album recently which was panned by critics and fans alike. The album lacked inspiration. Everybody asked the artist to retire. The artist had already achieved enough. He can just drop the mic and walk away.


The boy (now a man), too faced subtle barbs and taunts from his peers and also really closed ones as well, on many facets. This continued for a few months, and the boy was getting frustrated. He wasn’t able to concentrate or find interest in his profession. A couple of switches did not help the matter either. He was termed as a non-serious person amongst his friends. The belly fat and increasing weight further aggravated the matters.

He wanted to change it all, but somehow he was just lacking the spark, just like the artist in his previous album. The boy wasn’t the old self, same was the case with the artist.

Suddenly, from like a bolt from the blue, the artist dropped a new album, less than a year after his previous album got panned badly. No ads, no promotion. Just a post on fb and twitter. Guess what, it was the artists best album in ages. Somehow, that old spark that was missing earlier was there. The hate that the artist received had triggered him back.

The boy was going through a bad face too. His life wasn’t stable. This was the time he tuned back to the artist’s new album, with barely any expectation. Surprise surprise, it was as if this is what he needed. It was as if the artist had made the album for the boy himself. The artist had swung back to the world once again due to the hate that he had received on his previous album. It was only a matter of time the boy will too for the ridicule he got.

After all, the boy finally wrote something for his upcoming book for the first time in more than 4 years after listening to the latest album.



I don’t want to end this blog on a sentimental note or distributing philosophical information on life, but on practical note he is the the person whose lyrics never failed to inspire me. I owe him for all the motivation I got by his songs in my bad days, for keeping me up when things was not working in my favour.  So I would like to suggest all my  friends to go ahead and hear out some of his best lyrics which could even heal all sort of depression.


                                          Thank You


Aditya Samadhiya

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