Hey! It’s My Pearl Precious Life.

Tough life that I took for granted. Be it a student life or the work one, story goes the same. It wasn’t a working day but we were never granted holidays either. Those were the days we cursed at our most and later realized were the most fruitful ones. The mundane routine which we follow…

Top Tips for Solo Travellers

So, you think about travel all the time. Nothing seems so exciting as the lure of the road. The feeling of being free among unknown lands. Dreaming about travel destinations and how it would be in person. You have googled innumerable destinations and have a bucket list that runs into pages. You are the one…


A travelpreneur is someone that owns a profitable business that is NOT restricted to a certain location.

This means whether they work from their home town, Bali, Thailand, Hawaii or any other exotic location, their business operates under the same principles.

The Joy of Giving!My NGO Experience

Before I could realize,  I was done with my first year at college. It seemed the year went very fast, one trimester got over and then the second and third!!  Travelling,  studying, socializing, that’s all I did. Hardly, I must have done something for myself, except for workout. I got a nice two month break…

There is Magic in your Smile!

  “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of someone else’s joy.” – Nancy Bansal I believe that smile is the ultimate antidepressant. It has immense power to heal the wounds you never know what magic your smile would do I see people with puzzled faces,frustrated,…

To the Man I owe : From Bullied Dropout to Hip Hop Knockout

Sing For The Moment “Or for anyone who’s ever been through shit in their lives ‘Til they sit and they cry at night wishin’ they’d die ‘Til they throw on a rap record and they sit, and they vibe We’re nothin’ to you but we’re the fuckin’ shit in they eyes” These are amongst the most…

My 15 Days Solo Journey to Jammu & Kashmir

The Kashmiri doesn’t care whose flag he follows, whose anthem he sounds. As long as the Kashmiri gets to row his shikara, herd his sheep, temper his willow bats, grow his apples and light his kangri in peace, what’s an India, what is a Pakistan.

It has been an illuminating first day in Kashmir. The train from Delhi spelt its own episodes, but that’s another, rather insignificant, story. A delay caused due to fog meant that we touched down Srinagar an hour behind schedule.

But enough of that; let the story begin.

5 Movies That Inspire Me to Travel

I don’t really need movies to inspire wanderlust in me. But, there are times when a good flick is required to lift my mood. Because for me, to watch a 120-minute something drama is to enter into a world created by someone else. Though the list of my favorite movies is endless but the top…

Books That Inspire Me To Travel

It is said that books are a man’s best friend – because books have the power to guide, influence and inspire us, as well as teach us the tips and tricks of a trade!

If you have an urge to step out of your comfort zone, but lack the courage and confidence to do so, then here’s a list of books that you should definitely read. Let’s take a look at the books that narrate stories of how people took an initiative and travelled for their passion.

Ecstasy in Thoughts

“Our thoughts leads our actions and these actions decides our future. make sure, our thoughts should be full of optimism” It is said that our initial thoughts just after waking up should be fraught with positive vibes, hopefulness to accept the challenges, optimism and envisage the picture of the person you aspire to become because…

Photo Blog II : The Revival

” There are millions of cells in your body and all they do is fight 24/7 to keep you alive. They don’t care if you weigh 130pounds or 105 pounds. With such a mechanism in you, why do you torture it so much? The body is a work of art. Every face, shape, size, colour of your skin, the colour of your hair or its texture. They are all art. Some look at art the way it is supposed to be looked at and they enjoy the natural, raw framework the artist projects. Some criticise and find faults.
So to show everyone this doesn’t matter, I use a mask.
A mask that will show that everyone of us fits in. A mask that will show we all are equal and that outfits don’t just go with pretty faces.”