Get To Know Me

Hey  everybody! Thanks for visiting my blog🙂

8310D774-AEC2-4122-B30C-AD3166EE8C5BQuite a task describing yourself you know, but well, I’m just another crazy guy set out on a venture to follow his heart.

I belong to the city of big dreams Mumbai, stumbling amongst the big fat crowd here trying to make a mark. Quite contradictory to what you’d expect, I’m a Law Student from the NMIMS UNIVERSITY,Mumbai, oh yes, but extremely passionate about fashion and spreading smiles.

I love travelling and I’m a thrill seeker! Always wanna feel that adrenaline rush inside me. Love experimenting and doing stuff that people normally don’t😛 and yup, I love surprises !

When it comes to fashion, I like to go out of the box without thinking what others might say.  For me, the label is not always necessary. I just need to feel good about the purchase. It should fit me in a way that it was just made for me, that’s when with no thought, I make some space for new stuff in my closet! From Brands to Local street markets, it just has to be a good product and it’ll be mine, provided it suits my pocket or provokes me to empty my pocket! I need to be in peace with myself when I put something on, which comes through some good originality, honesty and confidence.

So, all you people out there with a desire to chase your dreams, what are you waiting for? Come join the clan!

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” – Rumi

Stay updated on all my social media accounts and get in touch with me here. I hope I can make Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle a better experience for you’ll and together let’s slay ’em all😉

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