Everybody loves to travel, Right?

Even you too might be planning your next trip. But planning a trip can sometimes be a very difficult task. Especially, Planning a trip all by yourself is not an easy job. May be for once, a solo trip can be taken care of, but planning a vacation for the whole family or a group of friends can be a task you’ll probably find it difficult to do all by yourself.

In case you think of getting your trip planned by somebody else, and want somebody more trustworthy than uncles and friends and well yourself, then here are a few agencies and tour operators that will help you major!

India ranks amongst the topmost tourist destinations in the world.

Diverse culture, thousands of tourist attractions, excellent connectivity to every continent and well-developed tourism infrastructure attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists to explore more about this country. The number of foreign tourist arrivals to India during July 2017 amounted to 788,000.

In 2016, India’s tourism industry directly contributed around US$ 71.7 billion to the country’s economy, and this figure was forecasted to rise to 148.2 billion by 2027.

The number of domestic tourists- or Indians who travelled within the country stands between five and seven million, though this figure cannot be verified due to several parameters involved.img-01355_1_orig

History of Indian Travel Companies

History of India‚Äôs travel companies is rather interesting. The first major travel ‚Äėarranger‚Äô to open on the Indian subcontinent was British-owned Cox & Kings.¬†This company was started in 1758. Rapid colonization of the Indian subcontinent and the need for people to travel due to industrialization saw more companies enter this lucrative business.

Today, India has is home to some of the largest travel companies of the world.

India has several leading travel websites. Here we list those that have an online presence. Additionally, some also have brick-and-mortar offices across India and abroad.

For every travel related query, these are the Top Travel Companies in India that you should go for:

Note: This list is in no particular order and does not reflect the ranking of travel companies. These all the best picks with my personal experience of 5 years in this Industry.

1. MakeMyTripUntitled

MakeMyTrip is the top player in the list of the famous travel agencies and offers their top services in flights, train, hotel bookings, holiday package and bus bookings. It is one of the best travel portal in India founded in 2000 by Deep Kalra.  The company is headquatered in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company is offering across 65 retail stores in 50 cities in India. Make my trip has associated itself with HSBC bank, where in the travel credit card gives you several traveling and booking benefits. They offer packages with travel and accommodation combined.

2. Yatrayar

Yatra is one of India’s leading travel portals of India. It provides detailed information on the pricing and availability of flights, hotels and holiday packages. Also, one can easily book buses and rent cars. Yatra too has associations with credit cards and there is a lot you can save up if you enjoy planning and booking your travel packages with yatra. In all honesty, the benefits are more specifically for frequent users of the service.

3. YuvaTrip


¬†YuvaTrip is one of the leading names in the travel industry, offering quality services.¬†The company provides online travel bookings ,hotel reservations, flight and train tickets. The Founder and CEO of YuvaTrip Pvt Ltd is Prakash Kolay. This leading Indian travel company is offering various customized packages to fulfill the different needs of customers. It is also providing special travel booking services to small and medium corporate houses through its product ‚Äú‚ÄĚ.The company is flourishing day by day with a strong network of travel associates, dedicated employees and up gradations in their technology system.

4. EaseMyTripImage-2-5-770x433

Offering seamless travel booking experience, EaseMyTrip is another leading travel portal. The company successfully stands apart in the competition as the only brand offering the ‚ÄėNo Convenience Fee‚Äô on flight bookings. One can enjoy exciting deals and offers on flight bookings, hotels, holiday packages, buses and car rentals.

5. Thomas Cookthomas-cook

Thomas Cook is one of the top travel companies in India. It offers wide range of services including corporate travel, leisure travel, insurance, visa & passport services, E-business, foreign Exchange, E-Business, MICE. The company has started its first office in the year 1881. Its headquarter is located in Mumbai-Since 1881, Thomas Cook is a visible name in the travel industry, known for offering quality services. Apart from offering a great holiday tours, the company also offers the benefits of foreign exchange and travel insurance facilities. Thomas Cook has one amazing option that not too many travel companies do justice to fully, foreign exchange. The prices they offer are brilliant and you will not find yourself complain about any of it at all.

6. Cox and Kings-cox-and-kings

Cox and Kings is the oldest travel company founded in 1758.Company is headquartered in Mumbai. And its global offices in Japan ,the UK Canada, Netherlands, the UAE, Japan, Singapore,Australia , New Zealand.The founder of Cox & Kings is Richard Cox. Now Cox & Kings Ltd is became a leading brand in education, activity travel, conferencing, trade fairs, incentives, meetings, exhibitions, foreign exchange and visa processing. As the oldest name in the industry, the company holds a strong grip over the travel industry. The company offers various tour packages for the family, including, wildlife, religious, romance and cruise.Cox and Kings not only provides solutions for personal travels, it also works on your professional travel needs. Whether it is a short trip or an office off site that needs to be arranged.

7. Expediaexp

Expedia is one of the popular travel brands that work through localized websites in more than 19 countries, including India. It offers easily booking facilities to its customers.This company works well for last minute planning. From car rentals to cottages, weekend getaways and elaborate trips, Expedia has worked its way around it all.

8. Goibibogo

Given its services since 2009, Goibbo is the brand with a quality. The Company offers flight bookings, tour packages and hotel bookings along with the innovative bus booking service with the name Redbus. This company has discounts and offers valid throughout the year. They work on international packages and have associations with a chain of hotels all around the world.

9. Viavia_logo_28

The company offers a comprehensive list of activities including ticketing, holiday package and corporate travel management along with retail and financial services.

10. SOTC


SOTC is one of the best travel portal in India founded in 2000 by Deep Kalra. It offers online travel services including domestic and international holiday packages, hotel bookings, flights and train reservations etc. The company is headquatered in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company is offering across 65 retail stores in 50 cities in India. SOTC has grown to become one of Indian’s important outbound travel service providers, providing all kinds of international and domestic tour package. SOTC gives you the option of fully personalizing your trips and holidays. Keeping in mind your preferences and your tastes in accommodations and travel options, they give amazing suggestions to suit what you want.

Special Mentions

1.Travel Gurugsretg

Travel Guru is considered to have the best and the most intricate database of hotels in India.They offer the best plans and discounts with hotel bookings. Some of their bestselling plans include hotel bookings in Goa.

2.Club Mahindra Holidaysclub-mahindra

Club Mahindra is exclusively for family vacations. They provide amazing offers for members. With the extensive number of hotels and resorts they have spread all across India, you will never have a problem hunting for accommodation, no matter where your destination is.

3.Kesari Tourskeaari

Kesari has its option of group tours that works very well for people who like traveling in big groups. The site seeing options here are commendable and the tour guides are phenomenal at their work!

4.Fly Goldfinch

Fly Goldfinch Specializing in International tours, this company provides customized packages at best possible prices in the market. This start up introduced unique concept of DIY (do it yourself) that not only empowers customers but provides them with value for money. This has revolutionized the entire process of travel booking.


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