Ecstasy in Thoughts

“Our thoughts leads our actions and these actions decides our future. make sure, our thoughts should be full of optimism”

It is said that our initial thoughts just after waking up should be fraught with positive vibes, hopefulness to accept the challenges, optimism and envisage the picture of the person you aspire to become because these kind of thoughts puts a great emphasis on our success which ultimately takes any determined and brave person to the pinnacle of his/her life. Now, I start by giving a pragmatic example of two persons who aspire to achieve the same goal, working hard with same pace and putting same amount of efforts then what makes only one win and other has to face failure?. the simple reason behind is our thoughts and what we tend to do is the one who faces failure puts allegations on the outer world which is not in our control and curse our stars and the one who wins feels immense happiness. Let me take you into more details:efb7c55f84f095ddf6de68203c7d1d5f

  Our Brain possesses infinite powers which even scientists couldn’t explore it much till now but certain things which everyone should know is that your brain gives you back those things which you feed to it , our outer world is the reflection of our inner world, what you are seeking outside already lies in your inner world. if anyone comes to understand the gravity of meaning of above wisdom then he would no longer chase happiness, happiness would follow him/her. so, the nectar which i would like to emphasis upon is the failure is temporary and success is permanent, nothing changes until you take responsibility of changing yourself. Here, I mean from changing yourself is flipping your thought process, replace negative thoughts like {I can’t do, It’s impossible, i am useless, my destiny is bad} with positive thoughts and as far as i have known from my experiences is that 99% task is achieved already once you feed  (I can do it) to your mind.eyeem-65831068

We people have been created in such a way that only difficulties can make us strong. suppose, if there had no difficulties in the people’s lives, we would not have able to survive till now. Just Believe, Everything happens for a reason and if there is any difficulty in your life, welcome it with happiness and prepare yourself to get stronger than you were yesterday. Once you surpass from these difficulties you will find yourself in a new position which would no longer seem challenging, everything would seem so easy for you and you would be able to say – “It’s my cup of tea”. Guys, if something is wrong, analyse yourself, improve it and again stand with the same passion, same josh, same enthusiasm, same energy that you already had while striving for your goal and smile because when you smile, your emotions of happiness gets activated and if you don’t believe, you can try it now and comment below your feelings after you smile. Before concluding, i would like to say Just Believe in yourself, if you can believe yourself, trust me, No one can defeat you. Believing has enough immense power to make you what you believe. so, believe good and control your thoughts not let your thoughts control you if you really want to live the life what you deserve and what you have thought already to pursue and the repercussions would be the ecstasy in your thoughts and so will be in your life.

Be happy always and please don’t forget to smile.6c2459a7527153578168218a953e8947

Thankyou so much for your time,


Rohit Singh Rajawat

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  1. vimanyukv says:

    Optimism prevails…
    I loved the lines that happiness lies within, we just have to unleash it and realize its existence.

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