Photo Blog II : The Revival

” There are millions of cells in your body and all they do is fight 24/7 to keep you alive. They don’t care if you weigh 130pounds or 105 pounds. With such a mechanism in you, why do you torture it so much? The body is a work of art. Every face, shape, size, colour of your skin, the colour of your hair or its texture. They are all art. Some look at art the way it is supposed to be looked at and they enjoy the natural, raw framework the artist projects. Some criticise and find faults.
So to show everyone this doesn’t matter, I use a mask.
A mask that will show that everyone of us fits in. A mask that will show we all are equal and that outfits don’t just go with pretty faces.”


There’s an infamous saying that goes like this- ‘it takes one to know one and it takes one to influence one’. The Man with the mask presents ‘The Influence’. Here, we have put together a look where one can rock it either while training/gymming or simply as a casual wear. The look includes a sweatshirt,…

The Bow Tie And Suspenders Fashion Craze

  Suspenders And Bow Tie   The bow tie and suspenders combo is a timeless look that has recently began trending once again. Suspenders were common in the 1820’s when it was popular to wear trousers high on your waist. Then people decided that wearing your pants so high looked super lame and belts nearly…